Only You And IPosłuchaj piosenki
sł. Michał "Lonstar" Łuszczyński
muz. Seweryn Krajewski

Stay for the night and hold me
Day without you been so lonely
Flames in the fire place
Shine on your face
They dance and blaze
And we celebrate our loving
Till morning

Fight that you fought is over
Why should I wait any longer
Here you can lay unarmed
I mean no harm
No false alarm
And we have the chanse to unite
In our loving

I'm so complete with you
Sky can't compete with you
You're bound to be my guide
Always be my side
My noble knight
Babe, when you're out, I'm down
I'ts so good to have around
I may seem wild
I may sound like a child
But there's no space and time
Only you and I

There you're exposed to poison
Here you don't need any caution
Face that you wear outside
So nead and sly
To lie and hide
And I'm not ashamed
Of our naked emotions

I'm so .....