The Childhood NativePosłuchaj piosenki
sł. Michał "Lonstar" Łuszczyński
muz. Wojciech Trzciński

Native old town
Witnessed my early, happy days
When life was right, staight as a Bible
Far and misty
Place lost in time
Unreal like a fairy tale
Once and for all it deeply branded my existence

I played down there, prayed down there
I loved and I cried
I saw it die
Proud and quiet

I was dreaming of breaking free
But my roots ran way too deep
Anyway I'm away now
I'm going my way now
They say I've made it
But my loving was way too strong
Or maybe I stayed too long
Even though I'm away
I'll always remain
A childhood native

New Promised Land
Shiny and tempting with its gold
Lured me away with all this splendor
Just to blind me
Somewhere in space
I'm searching for my paradise
Only to find that I have left it
Far behind me

I've new flames in new places
New face and new name
So God tell my why
Can't I break this chain

I was dreaming ....